London & Amsterdam

Europe is such an exciting place to be - so much to do, much to see, and easy to bop around. 

For the past 10 days, I was in London & Amsterdam with my boyfriend Jack and it was a whirlwind, in the best way. We hit a few speedbumps while there but that's what makes an unforgettable Eurotrip, right?!

We flew out of LA Wednesday evening and got into London Thursday morning. After we checked into the hotel, our first stop was the London Eye to get a birds eye view, especially since Jack had never been to London.

We walked over 5 miles everyday and if you know me, you know I looove to get my steps in. Jack, not so much. The architecture was absolutely stunning - so much character. We got pretty lucky with the weather (so we were told) since it wasn't raining as much as it usually does and we actually got to see some sun! 

Friday afternoon, we went to the best tea spot in London (in my opinion) called Sketch Tea. I love love love tea, especially since I don't drink coffee anymore. We sipped on delicious tea and ate amazing mini sandwiches, desserts, and scones. I definitely recommend stopping in here (be sure to make a reservation!)

Sketch Tea

Jack's documentary, Dirty Old Wedge, was in the London Surf Film Festival on Friday night and they won Best Film! **You can order the documentary on DVD now through iTunes**

& of course we went out for celebratory drinks afterwards! 

On Saturday, Jack's Mom, Jack, and I went to see the play 1984 which was very dramatic (not surprising) and then we went to the best Indian restaurant called Punjab. I first went to Punjab with my study abroad group in 2013 and fell in love. If you like Indian food and you're in London, this place is a must try.  

On Sunday morning, Jack and I went over to Tate Modern and found the art to be rad, weird, interesting, bizarre - basically all over the place, not surprising with a modern museum. My favorite was the tower of the radios by Cildo Meireles, exploring information overload and failed communication in today's world. 

We found out that the NFL game was happening the weekend we were in London so we, of course, bought the tickets that morning and took the train to the Wembley Stadium after Tate Modern. I had never been to an NFL game so it was a funny experience to be attending my first game in Europe. The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts 30-27. 


Our next stop on the Eurotrip was Saumur, France - aka our first speedbump as we missed our flight because *someone* didn't read the ticket right ;) I found this experience to be more funny than anything and it meant that we could be spontaneous travelers (a dream of mine is to get a one-way flight to Europe and just bop around for a month or two). We chose Amsterdam as it made the most sense financially and the flight was <1 hour. 

On our first morning there, we took a walk around Vondelpark which was so pretty. There were tons of people out biking, walking, and running with dogs. 


Jack and I worked quite a bit in Amsterdam as we had some projects on deadlines so we we worked most mornings and then adventured around during the afternoons. 


After visiting the touristy 'I amsterdam' sign, we went to the Banksy/Warhol museum at MOCO. Jack and I were shocked at how small it was, but it was still fun to see. 

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. Between the canals, the architecture, and all of the creative and active bikers, I was loving it! 


We visited Anne Frank's house, which was very sad but amazing to see. There was a super long line to get in so if you go to Amsterdam in the summer, I recommend making a reservation in advance.

Amsterdam is apparently known for their seafood and we looove seafood, so we went to Stork on the water. Super yummy and an awesome location. I would recommend coming here before sunset so you can see the water and watch the ships go by.  

We met up with a friend of Jack's one night and got a drink at Foodhallen, this amazing indoor food market. It reminded me of an upscale Grand Central Market in DTLA, or Eataly. I want to come back here and try the food!

On our last day, Jack and I walked around and took some fun shots of the city as we killed time until our flight back to London.