5 Things That Grabbed My Attention This Week

Here are the top 5 things that grabbed my attention this week: 

  1. Stop Trying to "Do It All" by Oliver Burkeman via 99u
    "We suffer, as the novelist and environmentalist Wendell Berry puts it, from “a disease of limitlessness”. And it is a disease: people who ignore the reality of their limits, who always imagine there’ll be time later on, who Berry writes, “never make the most of anything.”'
  2. How Newport Beach Got Its Very Weird Wave by Hans Aschim via VICE Sports
    Hunt House Pictures, founded by my boyfriend Jack & his business partner Edwin, premiered an awesome documentary last weekend about The Wedge and got a write up in VICE Sports. The history of this crazy wave is amazing - definitely worth a read! (and a watch when the documentary comes out on DVD!) 
  3. How Social Media is Quietly (Yet Radically) Changing the Way We Buy Stuff by Ryan Holmes via Fast Company
    This story is great and is so true - social media is changing the way we buy and experience products. All I have to say is that this is for the older folks who think that social media is "a waste of time". Ryan says it perfectly, "Companies that can’t or won’t make the jump stand to see their customer bases erode as business itself becomes ever more social."
  4. Everything is Fine by Jamie Lauren Keiles via The Cut
    Thanks to Flo & Frank for showing me this great article/pep talk I need/a lot people need to hear. My life always feels like it's moving at the pace of a million miles an hour and I feel like I missed out on stuff or I'm not moving quickly enough to try to decide what I want to do with my life or I made the wrong decision. This was a good reminder to just breathe, take everything day by day, and stop worrying so much. 
  5. Finding a New Medium by Mark Suster via Both Sides of the Table
    If you know of Mark Suster, you know his blog 'Both Sides of the Table'. He recently migrated his blog over to Medium (which I love) and he wrote about why he did it in this blog post - Medium is the best place for writing....and it's true. I found this blog post inspiring and makes me want to blog more (which I've been trying to do). This quote in particular really struck a chord when talking about why most VCs don't embrace blogging:
    "You’ll fail simply because you’re too smart. You’ve gotten to where you are by being a perfectionist. You will only want to write fully researched pieces. You’ll want too many people to read and comment on your posts before you hit publish. You’ll want to write long, thoughtful posts that make you sound academic [...] But you have to be in the game constantly to develop a feel for the medium. You need to constantly put out thoughts, shape ideas, debate with audiences and one day when you are writing at 2am from your hotel room and you don’t give a fuck what anybody else is thinking because you’re in your own head and just writing what’s on your mind — BOOM!"

    I've always wanted to start a blog and just share my thoughts about the things I'm interested in but I never fully started one because I always overthought it and I'm a perfectionist so, naturally, I never thought the draft was good enough to post. I also thought "are people going to like this? is this dumb?". I love reading other people's blogs and have so much admiration for the courage they have to write publicly and I'm very glad I took the leap to do so too. I started to realize that if people want to read it, they will and if they don't, I don't mind because you can't please everyone! 

I hope you enjoyed my first 5 things that grabbed my attention this week post! I'm excited to share a project I've been working on for the past few weeks soon. I'm headed to New York City on Friday so be sure to follow along @kenziegall!