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London & Amsterdam

Europe is such an exciting place to be - so much to do, much to see, and easy to bop around. 

For the past 10 days, I was in London & Amsterdam with my boyfriend Jack and it was a whirlwind, in the best way. We hit a few speedbumps while there but that's what makes an unforgettable Eurotrip, right?!

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Updates & 4 Things That Grabbed My Attention

It's been a long couple of weeks - lots going on in my full-time job and side work but I love it! I've been slacking on writing as I'm trying to figure out the exact path I want to go with the blog portion here but I figure that if I keep writing, I'll figure it out eventually so thanks for reading!

I'm off to New York City again next week for work and, although it will be a short trip, I'm super excited. I love the city. I'm headed down to my mom's house that weekend to help her move into her new house and two weeks after that, I'm moving into a new apartment - lots of changes around here!

Here are a few links that caught my attention recently: 

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My New York City Trip & 4 Things That Grabbed My Attention This Week

After a long 10 days, I'm finally back in Los Angeles and I must say that my New York City trip was absolutely amazing. I bopped all around the city, took lots of pictures, and got very little sleep but loved every minute of it! I think the city is so motivating as everyone's constantly on the go, pursuing their dreams, and shares a common love for the busy city. I never wanted to leave!

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5 Things That Grabbed My Attention This Week

Here are the top 5 things that grabbed my attention this week: 

  1. Stop Trying to "Do It All" by Oliver Burkeman via 99u
    "We suffer, as the novelist and environmentalist Wendell Berry puts it, from “a disease of limitlessness”. And it is a disease: people who ignore the reality of their limits, who always imagine there’ll be time later on, who Berry writes, “never make the most of anything.”'
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Early Riser

I'm a huge fan of waking up early. It's the perfect time to be selfish and really get my "me-time" in as most of the rest of the city is still sleeping (not to mention, I get to catch the sunrise depending on the time of year). Since I love working out, I go to the gym first thing in the morning. It gives me the chance to breath and focus before the work day begins (which helps with my anxiety), gets the endorphins going, allows me to catch up on the news headlines (shoutout to TheSkimm and Flipboard!), and gives me a huuuuge boost of lasting energy.

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